Clark's Tutoring

        We are a locally owned business centered in Jonesboro, AR. We offer academic help with Math, English, Science, Nursing, and Programming. We also prepare students for exams such as the ACT/SAT/PRAXIS and more. The best part about our business is we come to you. We offer in home services or online via Zoom. 


Making an Impact!

    We started in 2019 and within 2 and a half years we received the award for "Best Tutoring Service" in the 2021 Kids' Directory and in the Jonesboro City Occasions Magazine. We are all super proud and honored to receive these awards. Thank you Jonesboro!



How often should I be tutored?

Every student's situation is different. We recommend setting up weekly one hour sessions minimum. We can help determine if more time is needed once we make our assessment.

What is tutoring like?

Most of our tutoring sessions are one on one where we go at your own pace. We aim to not just help with the direct content, but also improve your confidence level. We offer an atmosphere that is welcoming of any and all questions you may have over the topic we are covering.

What all do you tutor?

We have a diverse amount of services which includes: Mathematics: K-4th, Algebra (all), Geometry, Pre-Cal, Calculus, Statistics, and More English: K-12th, Literature, and Composition Science: Physics and Nursing courses Exams: ACT, SAT, GRE, PRAXIS, Accuplacer, and More

Where do you tutor?

We offer in home tutoring or online via Zoom.

Who is going to be my tutor?

It depends on what class or exam you are needing assistance with. You can check out our full team on our "Meet the Team" page.

Do you tutor on weekends?

Yes, most of our tutors work on the weekends.

Why choose your services?

1. First and foremost trust. We will be there for you and we truly care about your progress. 2. Consistency. 3. Convenience. We come to you at your home to save you time, fuel, and energy. 4. Proven track record. (see our earned awards above and check out our customer reviews page)

How much are your services?

We have an hourly rate of $50 an hour. We also offer package deals for convenience and savings.

Consistency Beats Intensity.
We believe in building confidence, staying positive, and preaching consistency. 

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