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We've had the pleasure of helping many students and parents over the years, and here are some kind words they had to say about us.

Client Reviews

"Two of our high school students have seen fantastic results with Clark Tutoring. Overall one of our students had a 10 point increase in the Science portion of ACT and composite jumped five points. Codie Clark is professional, timely, understands what each students needs, and is sincerely invested in the success of each client. I highly recommend Codie and his staff!"

- Sarah  McDaniel | ACT and Math

"Clark’s Tutoring has not only changed my Daughter’s grades for the better, but her confidence as well. Bethany has become someone in my child’s life that I consider ‘part of my village.’ It takes one to raise a child! If you are still considering if tutoring could be a positive step for your child, I have to let you know, I never knew in how many ways it would help mine. Not just in Math! I highly recommend Clark’s Tutoring for your choice. They are professional, have a clean and aesthetic business location centrally located in town, and they TRULY care about the success of their children. Bethany even came, and brought 3 family members, to see my Daughter’s ballet Nutcracker performance. Wonderful people!"

- Ashlee Betts | K-6th

"To preface my review: I didn’t like or enjoy math before I started at Clark’s. I was nervous entering a college math course and wanted someone who could help me throughout the semester. Codie did just that. He worked with me and really got me to enjoy my maths class as well as getting the fundamental skills down. Clark’s made me feel confident about my math skills and pushed me to be a better student. If you are on the fence about a tutoring service or reluctant to reach out to one. Go to Clark’s, I promise you it’s worth it."

- Logan Locke | College Algebra

"Caitlin was an amazing tutor. She was always prepared, professional, and cared about my progress in nursing school. She helped me improve my math skills and ace my math competency exam for nursing school!! I highly recommend Caitlin and Clark’s Tutoring to anyone."

- Kate Cotoniel | Nursing

"After 3 sessions, my son's ACT Math score increased 5 points! Highly recommend!!!"

- Mindy Davis | ACT 

"Ms. Penny has been tutoring my son in 5th grade math for over a month now and it has been the best experience. She is not just a tutor. She is there for every accomplishment and to cheer him on! We appreciate her time and effort. She is truly the best!"

- Kasey Goldsmith | K-6th

"My son’s math and science scores improved dramatically after receiving tutoring at Clark’s! Math increased 5 points from 21 to 26 and science Improved from 23 to 31!! They were very accommodating with his schedule and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend for ACT preparation."

- Kasey Holder | ACT

"Codie is very responsive and great to work with! We saw a great improvement in our son’s ACT Science score!"

- Amber McElhaney | ACT 

"Johnna is the BEST! My daughter’s had learned so much and made As on her last two college algebra tests! We wouldn't be where we are without her knowledge and help!! She loves Johnna and I appreciate her so much!!"

-Leanne Nail | College Algebra

"We are so thankful for Clark’s Tutoring! 🎉
My son has made amazing progress in math, and he loves his tutor, Mr. Will😃Every time I say, it’s time to get ready to go he is excited about it! This has been a great experience for us!"

- Leah Kaiser | K-6th

"Mrs King has helped my daughter so much. One session for Algebra brought her test score up 16 points. Definitely recommend!"

- Sarah Rye | College Algebra

"Highly recommend Clark's Tutoring. My daughter is a student at ASU. Her PreCalculus grade has improved tremendously since she started. Her last exam was a 97%. The tutor also meets her on campus so it works great with my daughter's schedule."

- Jennifer Ford | College Pre-Cal

"They went out of their way to help and work around my daughter's crazy schedule. They explain the work so well along with sending notes to help with reviewing the questions."

- Holly Rickard | College Algebra and ACT

"My daughter's ACT math score came up 4 points after just one session! Highly recommend Clark’s tutoring services. We plan to use them again before her next ACT."

- Jenni Powell | ACT

"Codie has been amazing with working with my daughter and we have seen her ACT score improve each time. Highly recommend using Clarks tutoring."

- Eric Hadley | ACT

"Sent request on website and called back the next day. Professional and quick. Tutoring started immediately on requested areas. We have seen immediate results with Accuplacer test scores and will soon retake ACT. The tutoring is easy to follow and easy to learn. It has refreshed knowledge from previous years, taught new things and given tips for taking tests and using calculator. It is worth the time and investment. They work well with any schedule day or evening sessions available. Highly recommend."

- Heather Williams | ACT and Accuplacer

"Clark’s Tutoring helped my son raise his ACT scores. Bekah was very helpful with the reading and English sections of the test! We are very happy with Clark’s Tutoring and will use them again if we need to."

- Ana Seglem | ACT

"My son attended several sessions of ACT reading prep with Bekah at Clark’s Tutoring. He had amazing results by achieving a 9 point gain in the reading section of the test. I definitely recommend them for any student that may need a little boost on their ACT."

- Stuart Cooper | ACT 

"Both our daughters have learned so much in the few weeks we have been using Clark’s Tutoring. They are very thorough on teaching and explaining their lessons. I highly recommend Clark’s Tutoring!"

- Kristy Faulkner | ACT and Math

"Absolutely amazing! Best service and help!"

- Johnna Dobbs | ACT and Math

"Codie is absolutely amazing!!
My daughter strongly disliked any firm of math until she started tutoring with Codie!
She now loves math and is amazed at how much “fun” it can be to solve problems when you actually understand!
My only regret was not knowing about him sooner- my daughter loves her tutoring days!"

- Stacey Emerson | ACT and Math

"Codie is an amazing tutor. He has been working with my daughter on her math for the ACT. Her geometry was cut short because of COVID, and he is having to make up for a "lost" semester. They only had five sessions before her most recent ACT and her math score improved by five points!! He is an excellent teacher, and he is very patient. He does a great job of explaining topics in a way that is easier to remember for the exam. I give him my highest recommendation, and we are definitely going to continue with him!"

- Spencer Guinn | ACT 

"Codie is very professional and as someone who has always struggled with math, I appreciate how patient he is with me when I don’t understand something."

- Jayden Hughes | ACT

"I’ve been tutoring with Codie Clark since January, and he has helped me tremendously with ACT math. Codie challenges me and also ensures he takes the time to thoroughly explain the ACT math flashcards, and he incorporates those into the weekly tutoring sessions. I just received my June ACT scores and I brought my math score up by eight points! I can’t thank Clark Tutoring enough for the tools they have equipped me with and the confidence they have given me as I continue to study for the September test."

- Kendal Minton | ACT 

"Clark’s Tutoring is reliable and easy to work with! My child also had an improvement with ACT scores. A great way to help your child get it with whatever their need might be!"

- Sara Ford | ACT

"We have been using Clark's Tutoring Service the past couple of years. Chris Blankenship has helped my son through algebra and now Geometry. By using Clark's we no longer have the homework battle and he actually understands what is going on in class. We went from the struggle bus to making A's on exams! I am so glad that we were sent to Clark's for help."

- Misty Currier | Math and ACT 

" I was struggling in College Algebra, but thanks to Chris and his wonderful teaching, I’ve been doing a lot better!"

- Jayden Damron | College Algebra and Calculus


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