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Client Reviews

"Codie and Mary Kate have been an absolute Godsend for our daughter Adrian! She increased her ACT score 6 points and now has been offered a great scholarship for college!!!"

         - Tiffney Skeen

"I have been receiving tutoring from Codie for several months now. He is an excellent tutor that is always on time, very personable, and ready to help me in any area of math I am struggling in. Not only did he help me raise my score 6 points, but he also helped me feel confident and ready to take the ACT. Even with missing a semester of geometry due to Covid, I have relearned everything I need to know in order to do well on the ACT, as well as gained a better understanding in my math classes at school thanks to our sessions. I am very thankful to have him as a tutor, and I would highly recommend Clark's Tutoring!"

         - Georgia Guinn

"Introducing new math concepts was taking up most of our time and energy while homeschooling my dyslexic 7th grader. When Codie Clark became her instructor, her attitude changed and she became more confident. He also pointed out what she needed to pay attention to for ACT testing in the future. Clark's Tutoring is worth every penny!"

         - Audrey Ganong

"Codie and Lora are fabulous tutors. They go above and beyond. If you need a tutor for ACT or any subject they are definitely the BEST!"

         - Christy Thetford

"Codie is so patient and great with my son. It's so convenient that he comes to us! He is always prompt and gives feedback. Highly recommend Clark's Tutoring!"

         - Karen Peck

"Codie is an amazing tutor. He has been working with my daughter on her math for the ACT. Her geometry was cut short because of COVID, and he is having to make up for a "lost" semester. They only had five sessions before her most recent ACT and her math score improved by five points!! He is an excellent teacher, and he is very patient. He does a great job of explaining topics in a way that is easier to remember for the exam. I give him my highest recommendation, and we are definitely going to continue with him!"

         - Spencer Guinn

"Codie is an excellent tutor who is experienced, knowledgeable and professional. He is always on time and prepared to teach. He's working with my son to personally tailor the lessons to improve his ACT and Math skills. Highly recommend!"

         - Marti Edwards

"Codie is very professional and as someone who has always struggled with Math, I appreciate how patient he is with me when I don't understand something."

         - Jayden Hughes

"I’ve been tutoring with Codie Clark since January, and he has helped me tremendously with ACT math. Codie challenges me and also ensures he takes the time to thoroughly explain the ACT math flashcards, and he incorporates those into the weekly tutoring sessions. I just received my June ACT scores and I brought my math score up by eight points! I can’t thank Clark Tutoring enough for the tools they have equipped me with and the confidence they have given me as I continue to study for the September test."

         - Kendal Minton

"Wonderful service. Have already seen fantastic improvements in ACT scores. My daughter has had a great experience."

         - April Curtis

"Codie has helped our daughter so much with her Math. I would highly recommend him. He is very professional and detailed with his tutoring service."

         - Stephanie Bearden

"We have had a great experience with Clark’s Tutoring. Codie helped my daughter with her geometry class and she ended up easily getting an A. We have used two tutors with Clark’s Tutoring and both were extremely professional and helpful."

         - Melanie Palsgroove 

"We highly recommend Clark's Tutoring. Our 10th grader has been tutoring with Codie Clark since January. Codie strives to ensure that his students are focused and learning. The ACT math flashcards are great!!! We also appreciate that he communicates with us on a regular basis with updates on how tutoring sessions are going."

         - Shannon Minton

"Clark’s Tutoring is reliable and easy to work with! My child also had an improvement with ACT scores. A great way to help your child get it with whatever their need might be!"

         - Sara Ford

"Excellent math tutor. Highly recommend for students needing extra instruction. Love the ACT flash cards too!"

         - Rebecca Orr

"We have had a wonderful experience with Clark's tutoring. With the challenges in digital learning this year we had to look for ways to supplement some math instruction. Chris has been a great help with geometry and also prepping my kids for the ACT. I absolutely recommend Clark's tutoring."

         - Christy Lenderman

"Clark's Tutoring is very helpful and is a great service!"

         - Stefon Amos

"Very helpful! Has helped me regain my confidence in math!"

         - Caroline Lilly

"Clark’s Tutoring provides top notch service. They were extremely helpful and accommodated our needs with very short notice. They exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be return customers if needed."

         - Erika Vance

"As a parent, the educational platform provided by Clark's Tutoring is perfect for getting my student to the next level. The focus on the ACT test is instrumental when it comes to testing. I have a student that wants out of state scholarships! If you want a focused approach to ACT testing (and scholarships) let Clarks help your student. They make it so easy (group or individual classes). This program is one that we are committed too and you should too. #results"

         - Sarah Thielemier 

"This is truly a legit and amazing tutoring company. They go way beyond what most companies do to ensure your child gets the scores and help they need. They are hands-on which is the best way to train and teach a child to excel. I highly recommend them to anyone. They tutor on individual courses and subjects and/or testing for ACT or other testing platforms etc. Very professional and all of their tutors are prepared and very organized. They actually helped me and my son be more organized so we could get the scores we needed. They are worth every penny. Check them out and jump start your child’s academic success!!!!"

         - Julie James

"My daughter needed review for the ACT in Math and Science. Clark’s tutoring responded quickly and we were able to schedule times that worked for everyone. Both tutors were very personable and professional. My daughter repeatedly commented on how great the tutors were and how much better she felt about taking the ACT this Saturday. She said they were very thorough and had brought plenty of resources with them. Very pleased and grateful for Clark tutoring."

         - Shanda Rogers

"Codie is a great math teacher. Also he communicates well with the students. He is dependable and shows up on time for the sessions. I highly recommend Codie."

         - Honey Hurst

"Every tutor has been spectacular in knowledge & understanding. Great investment."

         - Shadra Baker

"My son had Algebra III his senior year. First parent/teacher conference, his grade was a 67. His teacher had commented that every student was struggling in her class and she thought he would catch on. By the next parent/teacher conference he had a 56! My friend recommended Cody at Clark’s Tutoring. Cody was quick to answer any questions that I had and we started sessions the following week. In just 3 sessions, my sons grade was a high C. He graduated high school with an 86! If you are needing a tutor, I would highly recommend Clark’s Tutoring!!! You will not be disappointed!"

         - Andrea Pippinger


"Codie has been working with our 15 year old daughter for about 5 weeks and is doing a fantastic job! With his help and encouragement she has become more confident in her math skills and is bringing home significantly better grades in her pre-AP Algebra 2 class. Codie is very accommodating with her schedule, punctual, and always prepared for their tutoring sessions. He has a very professional attitude but is also able to connect with her as a young person. We highly recommend Codie Clark and Clark’s Tutoring!"

         - Amy King


"Codie is an amazing teacher!! He really helped my 7th and 8th grade daughters. We highly recommend him."

         - Mauria Morgan

"Excellent. On time. Great attitude. Very prepared."

         - Greg Arnold

"We have used Clark’s tutoring for several months now and are beyond pleased with our tutor and our son’s results. I find that they have the quality, professionalism and attention to details any parent would appreciate and student would gain from. Our tutor Chris is very kind and virtuous as well to understanding the demands of life outside of school and the scheduling difficulties as well and is always happy to try his absolute best to accommodate. We have used Chris to help our son with Algebra II and his patience and ability to explain the lesson to our son is very impressive. Clarks tutoring is available assist anyone who needs more assistance academically and I would recommend Clark’s tutoring to anyone!"

         - Carrie Romines

"My daughter is taking College Algebra. Sharika has been so helpful & patient. She teaches, then guides her to think the problems through on her own. Codie & Sharika have been fantastic communicators & easy to work with."

         - Lynette Gibson

"Clark’s Tutoring has been an amazing help for me personally as a student. Math grades went up about %15 once Codie started tutoring me! And Adrienne also helped with my English section for the ACT, and my score went up 3 points. Over all, great people, great results, and definitely glad I got on board!"

         - Brooks Seeman

"Codie has been great and very valuable through ACT prep and College Algebra. I highly recommend. He is always on time and great with ways of teaching that they understand."

         - Kris Martin

"I'm a student of his and have been for about six months, not only have I improved on my ACT but I've also improved my grades as well. I've worked with most of his tutors and they are the best of the best. They make sure you understand the material and give you all the resources to practice and improve. They are truly doing God's work."

         - Reagan Thielemier

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